Olive at 3 month old

Growth, appearance and life: you slept through the night for the first time, it was just a one off but still amazing. I just can't get over you, if all babies were this easy I'd have ten. You babble more and more and start to laugh when I tickle you. At the end of the month you started rolling back to front. You have perfect rolls poly legs and arms. You look more and more like Harper each week as your eyes grow bigger.
Feeding: breastfeeding about 3 hourly around the clock on demand.
Sleeping: You continue to sleep in the pram during the day and with us at night, sometimes in our bed sometimes in the bassinet.
Development2.5 months old you start rolling from tummy to back. To begin with I think it's a fluke but you prove me wrong doing it again and again each day. You have a check up with the Paediatrician who assures us you won't stop breathing again. You roll over for him and he seems really impressed you're rolling so young, by the end of the month you start rolling back to front. You try to mimic "hello" and do a good job.


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