8 weeks to go

So apparently I'm having a baby in 8 weeks. With everything that's happened in the last few months I'm struggling to get my head around how fast it's come. In saying that the days are becoming long. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I wonder where 8 weeks of baby growth can possibly fit.

I've no doubt found this pregnacy harder than the others, maybe because I'm getting older, maybe because it's our third. 

Charlie and Harper are growing up quickly and looking forward to the baby arriving. Harper wants a brother, I've told him I'm near sure it's a girl after a slip up at the 28 week scan. He'll be happy either way Harper's always been drawn to babies. Charlie I'm a little more concered about, she's always needed more from me and I can see it taking awhile for things to settle. 

I'm not worried about loving this baby as much as the others, not like I was last time. I'm slightly worried about my sanity as I learn to be a mother of 3, mostly I hopeful for an easy transition and thankful to call 3 children mine. 




I'm back, though I never left. I've had a few crazy months.
Starting with 14 weeks of morning sickness so bad I struggled to make it though the day. Followed by Harper and I catching a flu that lasted a month, Harper spent two days in hospital, and I ended up with pneumonia. 

Then we had a crazy idea to buy a house before little is born. Three weeks later we bought a house, in three weeks we move in. I'm exhausted, but its nice to be busy and nice to have change. A mortgage is daunting, it's taken a long time for me to commit, but I'm here now and ready to make a patch of dirt mine.

The kids are good, growing like crazy, becoming more independent each week. I'm 23 weeks and feeling very pregnant, I'll save the details for a pregnancy related post.



 A portrait of my family, once a week every week whenever I have time, in 2014.

Charlie, a girl who wears skirts just so she can twirl.


Light at the end of a tunnel. Week 13.

One of the sad things that comes with not blogging often is I've stopped taken photos. I never took photos solely for the blog, but having a blog seems to work well as a reminder. I've felt better in the last week (pregnancy week 13) I'm still not 100% and do feel sick everyday but I'm not throwing up and my energy is slowly coming back, you'll still find me in bed by 9pm but I'm getting basic jobs done around the house. The first trimester really kicked my butt, I feel like I'm coming out of a haze. At some stage I'll try and do YouTube pregnancy videos, and weekly updates here on the blog.
I feel like my tummy grew a lot this week although this photo is taken at the end of the day when bloating takes over any form of baby in there, in the morning I have a smaller bump.