BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer Soft Review

Testing particulars:

Product: BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer Soft

Colour: Brown/Chestnut

Time frame: 3 Weeks

Testing Location: Melbourne

Tested by: Olive 1 week old to 4 weeks old

Product Specifications:

Age and weight: From birth to approximately two years.
Min. weight: 3.5 kg

Max. weight: 13 kg
 When the product is used as a bouncer, the maximum weight is 9 kg.
 Highest position up to 9 kg.
 Middle position up to 9 kg.
Lowest position up to 7 kg.
When the product is used as a chair, the maximum weight is 13 kg.
 Highest position up to 13 kg. 
Middle position up to 10 kg.

Lowest position up to 7 kg.
It is not dangerous to exceed the recommended maximum weight for a position, but the bouncing function will not work as well.


All materials are kind to your baby's skin and safe to taste. Free from health-hazardous substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I for baby products. 

All padding: 100% polyester
Fabric: 100% cotton
Organic Cotton
Fabric: organically grown cotton. The fabric complies with a global textile standard for organic cotton.
Fabric: 100% polyester

Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 2.1 kg
 Highest position: 39 x 79 x 56 cm 

Transport mode: 39 x 89 x 11 cm

Product Care:

Machine wash, 40°C. Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry. To remove the fabric seat, simply loosen the two elastic bands at the bottom and pull the fabric off the frame.

Our Experience:

On opening the box I was impressed to find BABYBJÖRN has lived up to their high standard with another great design. This sleek bouncer will appeal to most people with an array of colour choices to fit with any home decor. Even without reading the instructions it takes no longer than a couple of minutes to discover how the Bouncer Soft works. I adjusted the Bouncer Soft to the lowest setting and placed Ollie in. She slept peacefully and seemed happy but I'm not yet convinced as all my children slept through anything for the first week. I'm eager to see how she goes once the sleep coma wears off.
As time goes on, Ollie spends more time awake and I find I enjoy using the Bouncer Soft more and more. I use it while I shower to keep a well meaning toddler from poking her. I use it when I need to grab a nappy from the other room and don't want her left on the floor. As we approach the third week I find Olive needs to be upright after a feed to help with reflux problems, so now I use it after feeds when I don't have the time to hold her.

The first really standout feature of the bouncer is how easy it is to fold away, I can definitely see myself taking it with us when we go on holidays. I also love how easily it slips off to be washed especially when using with a newborn (ours was covered in vomit the second time I used it). It's so easy to use I find myself no longer using our swing as it has a seatbelt and sometimes takes more time than I have with three children under five. Another great feature is the bouncer's ability to be turned into a chair when the child outgrows the bouncer feature. And let's not forget that no batteries are needed. 

I would happily recommend the Bouncer Soft to anyone looking for a convenient, comfortable bouncer that will outlast others.

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Disclosure: BABYBJÖRN provided me with the Bouncer Soft for this review. I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


She's here

Introducing Olive Belle born at 8.42pm on the 9th of November 2014.
Weight 3.2kg 

We've had a few very hard days after Olive was taken to intensive care. 12 hours after Olive was born she stopped breathing, the following 12 hours she had 6 more episodes the worst being when I watched them work on her while she didn't respond for 5 minutes. No mother wants to see this and I wish I hadn't, I can't shake the tight feeling in my chest and the sick feeling in my stomach at that moment I thought she was going to die. There's more to this story and I'll share it all in time but right now the pain is to raw.

Today we are very lucky to be bringing Miss Ollie home. She's perfect and I'm so thankful to have her and to call her mine.  


8 weeks to go

So apparently I'm having a baby in 8 weeks. With everything that's happened in the last few months I'm struggling to get my head around how fast it's come. In saying that the days are becoming long. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I wonder where 8 weeks of baby growth can possibly fit.

I've no doubt found this pregnacy harder than the others, maybe because I'm getting older, maybe because it's our third. 

Charlie and Harper are growing up quickly and looking forward to the baby arriving. Harper wants a brother, I've told him I'm near sure it's a girl after a slip up at the 28 week scan. He'll be happy either way Harper's always been drawn to babies. Charlie I'm a little more concered about, she's always needed more from me and I can see it taking awhile for things to settle. 

I'm not worried about loving this baby as much as the others, not like I was last time. I'm slightly worried about my sanity as I learn to be a mother of 3, mostly I hopeful for an easy transition and thankful to call 3 children mine. 




I'm back, though I never left. I've had a few crazy months.
Starting with 14 weeks of morning sickness so bad I struggled to make it though the day. Followed by Harper and I catching a flu that lasted a month, Harper spent two days in hospital, and I ended up with pneumonia. 

Then we had a crazy idea to buy a house before little is born. Three weeks later we bought a house, in three weeks we move in. I'm exhausted, but its nice to be busy and nice to have change. A mortgage is daunting, it's taken a long time for me to commit, but I'm here now and ready to make a patch of dirt mine.

The kids are good, growing like crazy, becoming more independent each week. I'm 23 weeks and feeling very pregnant, I'll save the details for a pregnancy related post.