Olive at 4 months old

Growth and appearance: You look so much like Harper it's amazing, looking at you brings back memories of him as a baby, it's actually crazy how similar you look at times. You're eyes are getting really blue and super round and you have cute cubby cheeks.
Feeding: one meal every couple of days BF on demand.
Sleeping: slept through two more times.  Most nights feeding every 3 hours.  
Development: This month slept through the night again twice before having your shots and spending the next week being really sad (waking up all night and not happy to be put down during the day). After a week you were back to your happy self. You started solids, but you're really hard to feed. You don't seem to watch the spoon or open your mouth. You started laughing often, and have a super adorable chuckle. You enjoy baths and love tickles. You roll and are grasping toys.

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