My son Harper has severe allergies to Cows Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts and Peanuts. As well as a FPIES (food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) allergy to Rolled Oats.(Update, this year Harper outgrew his Oat and peanut allergy)

Before having Harper I hadn't given allergies a second thought, I knew nothing about them, and never thought I'd have a child with them. Now I don't leave home without a Epi-pen.

We deal with allergies everyday, everywhere we go.
Its always there in the back of my mind, the lingering fear that one of these foods could possibly kill my child. It seems crazy, and at times it makes me angry and sad. 

I've learnt that with time comes knowledge, you adapt, it gets easier and a life without these foods becomes normal.

My hope in posting these recipes is that I'll help someone else in our situation, The recipes you find here are safe, they please a toddler and satisfy a fussy husband.
Welcome to our kitchen.

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