Olive at two months old

Growth, appearance and life: life is busier than I imagined, it's kinder holidays and we're all at home. Matt's gone back to work so it's just the four of us — pushing through the days finding our new fit. I do the groceries for the first time since you were born without another adult to help, you ride in the carrier Charlie goes in the trolley and Harper walks. Harper doesn't listen to a word I say, Charlie screams because she doesn't want to be in the trolley and I want to give up and leave. But I don't and together somehow we get the job done. By the time we get home your hungry and tired. I sit with you on the floor and feed you slumped against the wall, looking at the piles of groceries I still have to unpack. Things that were once simple are hard now, and as I sit on the floor I can't believe how much my life has changed in five years.

Feeding: you feed every two to three hours day and night. Sometimes you seem to have reflux I can hear the milk moving up and down, these are often the times your breathing pauses though it's becoming less often and I'm feeling more confident each week.

Sleeping: day sleeps are in the lounge room in the pram, I keep the radio on and you sleep through H and C running around the house. Night sleeps are in bed with us.

Development: You coo and smile. You are really relaxed and happy you don't often cry even when your tired, etc.

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