8 weeks to go

So apparently I'm having a baby in 8 weeks. With everything that's happened in the last few months I'm struggling to get my head around how fast it's come. In saying that the days are becoming long. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I wonder where 8 weeks of baby growth can possibly fit.

I've no doubt found this pregnacy harder than the others, maybe because I'm getting older, maybe because it's our third. 

Charlie and Harper are growing up quickly and looking forward to the baby arriving. Harper wants a brother, I've told him I'm near sure it's a girl after a slip up at the 28 week scan. He'll be happy either way Harper's always been drawn to babies. Charlie I'm a little more concered about, she's always needed more from me and I can see it taking awhile for things to settle. 

I'm not worried about loving this baby as much as the others, not like I was last time. I'm slightly worried about my sanity as I learn to be a mother of 3, mostly I hopeful for an easy transition and thankful to call 3 children mine. 


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