She's here

Introducing Olive Belle born at 8.42pm on the 9th of November 2014.
Weight 3.2kg 

We've had a few very hard days after Olive was taken to intensive care. 12 hours after Olive was born she stopped breathing, the following 12 hours she had 6 more episodes the worst being when I watched them work on her while she didn't respond for 5 minutes. No mother wants to see this and I wish I hadn't, I can't shake the tight feeling in my chest and the sick feeling in my stomach at that moment I thought she was going to die. There's more to this story and I'll share it all in time but right now the pain is to raw.

Today we are very lucky to be bringing Miss Ollie home. She's perfect and I'm so thankful to have her and to call her mine.  

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful!! We will keep you all in our prayers! Get some rest mama and have a safe trip home!