Say What! five months.

 Outfit:Handmade by Grandma Lorna.

Dear Charlie,

Time flies, and although I love to watch you learn and grow, I struggle with how fast you're growing up. You're not so little anymore, I feel like life has been so busy I've missed you growing up.

You're so sweet and happy.
Most mornings I get woken up to you talking so loudly, I tell you, not so loud you'll wake up Harper, but that just makes you talk louder, you have so much personality.

I hate that sometimes you have to wait for me, I don't like that I can't give you the time I did with Harper. One mummy, two babies. I guess you know no different, but I can't help but to feel guilty.

You have rolled a few times over the last couple of months but this week you started rolling all the time, you roll and roll then cry. Often you cry if someone unfamiliar looks at you, and heaven forbid they touch you, when you cry you drop your bottom lip and it is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

You love watching Harper play and you like talking to him, if your upset he can often make you feel better by talking to you (pretty sweet to watch)

You feed around the clock every two to three hours.

You are down to one to two sleeps in the carrier per day the rest are in the cot, at night we are still co-sleeping

This weekend you're going to meet your Aunty Kerryn for the first time, she's been living in china.

Baby bird we love you so much, Happy five months.


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