21 ways to love your child.

Charlie 5 months, Harper 29 months.

When the day is long and you have run out of words read, read all the books he loves, read with expression in your voice. Read in a fort, or under a table, read outside under a tree.

Talk to him about when you were pregnant, show photos, tell him how you counted down the days until you met him.

When the time comes let her go, but make sure she know she can always come home, no matter what.

Teach her she is perfect the way she is, that it's ok to change for herself but never for other people

Spoil him with love, tell him you love him more than you ever thought possible, then tell him again. Love with no restraint.

Pick him up when he falls, let him cry, let him know it's ok for boys to feel and never try to harden him. Never be harder on a boy than you would a girl, realise playing with dolls is perfect practise for being a daddy. Talk to him, teach him to use his words, one day his wife will thank you.

Don't feel guilty for holding your baby, let her sleep in your arms, answer her cries. Don't spend hours worrying about spoiling your baby or forming bad habits, instead be with your baby, enjoy the fleeting moments before there gone.

Don't set him up to fail by expecting to much.

When your angry take a breath and count to ten, know that bad words stick.

When they fail, and they will, pick them up, help them try again. Teach them no one is perfect and that failing is ok, its what you do afterwords that counts.

Teach her she is worthy, teach her, never to settle for less.

Know that throughout life people will let him down, that you have no control over this, be there to put the pieces back together.

Always be their, show interest in what they like, be with them, love what they do, frame artwork.

Never use names. We all lose our temper, apologise.

You are the biggest role model you child will know. Let them see you cry, tell them you too make mistakes, make sure they know you're not a superhero, for the first five years this might be hard to prove.

Say yes when possible. Say No when necessary. Have yes days once a month.

Roll down hills. Go for walks. Spend time with animals, dance, sing, explore, laugh and play.

Listen when they talk, answer there "Whys?"

Have a family dinner once week, start when they are young, make it a family tradition. Hopefully when they grow up it will stick. Whenever possible eat as a family.

Tickle her, make a mud pie, take time to allow him to help you cook.

I know mornings can be hard, try to smile happily and say good morning even if it has been a hard night.

Being a parent is hard work, give yourself a break. Let go of the guilt and the way you thought it would be. I am far from a perfect mum. Although I try my hardest, some days are tough, really tough. I put this list together, to remind me of the mother I aways want to be.


  1. Ahhh, I really needed to read this. I had a tough week last week and felt like a big failure because I couldn't really cope. But I guess being a parent, and being a child, is all about failing sometimes and then picking your self up, dusting yourself down and just getting on with the next thing. X

  2. Such a sweet post! Your boys are precious!

  3. I absolutely love this post. And hon...that picture of Harper and Charlie is to die for!!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. Such a beautiful post! I have been following your blogs and I loved reading all of your stories. Thank you for the tips. Your kids are so precious!