Potty training, I give up.

Last week we had our first attempt at potty training Harper, It's winter here so potty training consisted of, staying at home, heater full blast, with no pants. Day one resulted in a few accidents, day 2, 3 and 4 he was near perfect, we had a few issues (he didn't like jocks, numbers two's needed a little bribery) but the biggest issue of all, he is super scared of the toilet, and NOTHING I can do will get him over it. And did I mention, "But, no I'm not a big boy," his words not mine. If he wont use a toilet, I am not about to carry a potty out and about.
If you've dealt with a scary toilet, I'd love to hear what helped make it less scary.

Note, I realise he might not be ready, I'm happy to wait before trying again, but he will have to be out of nappies to attend 3 year old kinder in January.

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  1. Awe hon, I hear you on this one! Ellie has been "pee" trained for almost 6 months...she is SCARED to death to go #2 in the potty. There is no amount of bribing that will help. We also tried the "be a big girl" route, and she said the same thing Harper said to you..."but I'm not a big girl, I don't want to be a big girl" So frustrating!!! We tried pushing her till she was in tears (not a good idea...I highly suggest NOT doing that..we were just so frustrated), and have finally just backed off. She still pees without a problem, but will not go #2 until her pull up is on for night time. There's no way to force it, that's for sure. I think sometimes us modern moms get so stressed out trying to force our kids to "grow up"...stop taking a bottle, stop using a pacifier, use the potty...I am trying to remind myself just to let some of these things go and let her do it on her own time. Every kids learns to use the potty eventually. It's more our problem when we stress about it, not theirs...
    But, gosh...having to be out of diapers by age 3...that can put some pressure on ya!! Mind if I ask what "kindergarten is" over there? Is it equivalent to preschool in the US? That baffles me that they have to be out of diapers by 3, because I know some kids who still really struggle with potty training at age 3-3.5...
    ♥ Kyna
    (p.s. sorry for the novel!)