The pros and cons of baby-wearing.

I got an Ergo baby carrier before Charlie was born, I wanted be able to have her close to me, and still be able to spend time out and about, running after Harper. I wasn't sure how much I'd use it, I had thought maybe just when we went out.

When Charlie was only a couple of weeks old we went out, a lot. Matt was on holidays and Harper was going stir crazy, and it's so easy to take a newborn places, sure they need to fed a lot, but they sleep anywhere!

As Charlie got older she started to grow out of that, sleep anywhere age. Since about 8 weeks during the day Charlie has not slept longer than 20 to 30  minutes in a cot/swing/pram/car seat, anywhere. The only way I can get her to have a long nap is to wear her.

Over the last couple of weeks I've managed to get her to start having two to three naps a day in the cot, they are short, but give me a chance to have a quick break.

For me baby-wearing has saved my sanity and got us though some really hard times. They say a baby that is worn close to you during the day cries less than one who is not.
I dread to think how much she would have cried if I didn't wear her. Charlie is was a high needs baby, she cried a lot. and wanted wants to be with me constantly.
So here we go...

- I get so much done
- Makes cooking tea, easy peasy
- I can go out and know she will sleep anywhere
- Makes going away easy
- In the Newborn stage, being tucked away means your baby is less likely to be poked by well meaning strangers.
- Bonding. It's so nice to have her just there
- Keeps her warm in winter
- I feel like she is safe when she's with me, I don't have to keep checking on her.
- Noise doesn't seem to bother her, when she sleeps in the carrier. In the cot she wakes up from noise, all the time
- Here is the big one. It takes the stress out of sleep. Sometimes it's really stressful trying to get a baby to sleep in a cot, all that patting and shushing, Seriously who has time for that? Maybe with a first child, but with a baby & a crazy toddler that yells out, CHARLIE from the baby gate repeatedly, just as you almost got her to sleep. No thanks.

- Although the Ergo baby carrier is the best I've used, when I wear Charlie all-day, everyday, I get a sore back.
- Sometimes I want sometime to myself
- It gets hot in Summer, luckily its cold here now
- I worry she might get a sore back or neck being in there all the time
- Its hard to pick things up off the floor
- She prefers I stand up, So I do most of the day, she wakes up when I sit down
- It makes direct contact with Harper hard and Sometimes I miss being able to pick him up and have a cuddle.

Do you wear your baby? I'd love to hear how it works for you.


  1. First of all, you are so beautiful!! This photos is gorgeous! I love my Ergo! Brees is 19 months old and we still use it. If your back is feeling sore, you may want to adjust the strips, try lowering the big strap that goes around your waist.

  2. My goodness I haven't been on my blog for months, and I can see I've missed so much!! Major congrats on your new little blessing! Such a cute name as well! I know I will definitely be using my carrier again with this one. I am now expecting my second child. Funny how fast time really does go by!

  3. I am totally already thinking of how to deal with a newborn and a toddler (and we haven't even started trying for baby #2 yet! lol). Everyone has told me wearing a newborn is a necessity when you have a toddler, but I can totally see how that would limit your physical interaction with the older sibling...which is kind of sad in a way :-(
    ♥ Kyna

  4. I still wear my 35 pound 20 month old in my Ergo (usually on my back, though more often now, on my hip). The biggest con I have now, and the reason I'm using the hip carry more and more, is that he bites me when he's on my back. Hard, and often, and it hurts. But when he's happy back there, or when he's on my hip and we can interact and talk, it's a great way to have my hands free for other things (carrying bags through the airport, picking out produce at the farmer's market) and keep him close.