They call him Harper, Ba Baper, ha ha ha ha ha ha harper. ba babba,

he likes to dance, dance da da da da da da da  da dance dance.
Break it down.

Harper is changing, growing in every way,  so fast.

He knows what he wants, and he definatly knows what he doesn't.
Has a crazy memory! often shocking us. 
He bargains with you and will go as far as to ask if he can walk, just for a little bit.
Sings, The Black Keys & Adele, and knows most the words. referring to Adele as Mummy's one. And The Keys as daddy's one, or the guitar one.
Plays air guitar, and drums. a lot.
Sings the full ABC's
Adores being outside.
Loves playing with children. Mostly if there older, takes turns.

Hides behind me when a child tries to steal his toy.
Holds my leg. 
Gives kisses, rather than a cheek.
Loves to bake.
Enjoys cleaning, especially vacuuming.
Can use the potty and will to delay bed but not when I ask him.
Has moved to a cot bed after mastering climbing out of the cot while wearing a grow-bag (this kids a crazy climber) Grow-bag is worn inside out because, yea, he also learnt how to take that bag off.
Still has a day sleep most days but I have to rock his body (the way you would settle a baby) because there is nooo way he's staying in that bed if I leave the room.
Loves watching, The lion king.
I love him.

28 months

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