A day in the life of a SAHM.

6.45am Harper wakes up and starts yelling out, I'm feeding Charlie in bed, I finish the feed and we all get up.
I heat a bottle for Harper & make a large coffee, Then change Charlie's nappy.

7.15am I put the TV on, it's the best way to get Harper to stay still long enough to drink the bottle. I drink my coffee and check emails on my phone, while Charlie has playtime.

7.30am I turn the TV off and put on music. I change Harper's nappy, then Harper and I sit on the floor with Charlie, talking to her and doing tummy-time.

8.00am Charlie starts to show tired signs, I pick her up and we head for the cot, where I put her into a grow-bag and place her in the cot, she has a dummy and white-noise, I sing her a song and leave. I go in and out if she spits out the dummy, or gets upset. If I catch her tired signs early enough, it only takes about ten minuets before she's asleep.

8.20am I have a super quick shower, while Harper plays in the washing basket. I quickly grab some clothes out of the giant pile of washing and get dressed. Today I remember deodorant, but things like make up and hair seem to be a luxury I no longer have time for.

8.45am I make Harper breakfast, I try to keep him quite as he yells and tries to wake up Charlie, Charlie wakes up, I quickly clean Harper from breakfast then I get her up and feed her.  While feeding her I consider abandoning this post, I wonder how I will possible find time to write what we are doing and take photos, all day.

9.10am I grab some breakfast while Charlie has floor time and Harper plays with his hotrods.

This is a photo heavy post, you can keep reading about our day below.

9.20am I get Harper dressed and put Charlie in the swing, while I clean the kitchen.

9.40am Harper has been acting up the whole time I was cleaning the kitchen, I know he wants my attention so I grab a book and head to the couch for some reading.

9.50am Charlie is tired again, I think I've left it to late... she wont settle in the cot so I put her into the baby carrier. I decide to vacuum, it needs doing and sometimes the noise helps to put her to sleep, (not today) we keep cleaning until the house looks half reasonable.

10.30am snack time for Harper and a cup of tea for mama bear.

10.45am Charlie falls to sleep, at last.

Harper and I draw and hang out.

His drawings are getting more & more awesome. I've been framing them to make a photo wall of his art.

11.10am we have to leave for Charlies four month check up. I don't want to wake her so we rug up, and walk

11.30am we arrive for Charlies checkup. Everything goes well, this chubba is just over six kilos and perfect.

12.30pm I arrive home with two overtired, crying children. I put charlie into the carrier and she calms down. I make Harper lunch, in-between tantrums. Harper eats, I'm starving but charlies upset again so no time for eating now.

1pm I shove a slice of Harper's left over toast in my mouth and we head to Harper's room. After a nappy change I put Harper into bed, I rock and sing to him, and today I'm lucky he goes to sleep without a fight, and Charlie falls asleep in the carrier at the same time. All in ten minutes.

Side note: I only recently started rocking Harper, after we moved him to a big boy bed, if I don't he wont have a day sleep. It doesn't work everyday, and sometimes it takes me an hour, but for a little break and the change in Harper's mood its sooooo worth it.

1.10pm I make myself lunch and more coffee. While I have lunch, I watch TV.

1.25pm time to make tea, if Harper has a sleep I always do tea then. Then you guessed it, more cleaning.

1.30pm Charlie wakes up, I leave her in the carrier so I can finish tea.

2.30pm just as I finish tea Harper wakes up, I get him up and take charlie out of the carrier for a feed.
Harper's feeling sad, he is recovering from an ear infection, as well as croup, I put on The lion king and let him lay on the couch, I put Charlie in the swing while I try to do some more cleaning. yep.

3pm I put charlie to bed in her cot.

3.15pm charlie is asleep. I put on a wash and head to the couch to hang out with Harper.

3.45pm dad gets home & charlie wakes up. I feed charlie and Matt takes Harper outside.

Unfortunately, From here on I stopped taking photos. 

4pm charlie starts crying she's getting overtired, and her sleeps are getting harder, this always happens as we get near the end of the day. I cuddle her and hope she might on back to sleep. I also use the times Matt's outside, to go on the net.

4.30pm Matt brings Harper in, they play and listen to music in another room, while I transfer a sleeping Charlie in to the cot

5pm tea time, we all usually eat now.

515pm bath time I get in with Harper, charlie wakes up, Matt brings her in too. He stays and we talk about our day.

5.45pm everyone out and dressed.

6pm I put charlie to sleep in the cot. Harper has a bottle and we all spend some time in the lounge room hanging out.

6.30pm I brush Harper's teeth and put him to bed, Charlie wakes up, I bring her out to the lounge where I turn the light off and breastfeed her back to sleep. She spends the rest of the evening sleeping on my knee, Matt brings me cups of tea and popcorn, he folds the washing and does the dishes, while I watch TV/blog/edit photos. Then I spend time with Matt. Sometimes I try to move Charlie to the cot but she normally wakes up, so I just let her sleep on my knee, it's actually really nice.

10pm I go to bed, Charlie usually wakes up when I try to put her in the cot, so I feed her back to sleep.
We spend the rest of the night alternating between her sleeping in the cot, (the cot is pushed up against our bed) or her in bed with me, depending on what she wants. On average I feed her 3 to 4 more times before morning comes and we start all over again.

I hope you enjoyed joining us today, although this post was a lot of work, it was fun & will be great to look back on.
This is a typical day for us. Charlie is almost 4 months old and Harper is 28 months, Its hard work. I'm constantly busy and the house is usually a mess. I'm always tired and don't have much time for me, or Matt, but they are little for such a short time, before I know it they wont want to be with me. I try to enjoy it all and take one day at a time.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Wonderful post! You are darling! Your kids are darling and I love your house! I love what you said at the end, they are only little for a short time! It's so true! Have a lovely week!

  3. Wonderful post! We're excepting number two any day now & this is such a great insight as to what's in store!! Xxx

  4. I need to write a post like this! What a great way to shed some light on how hard us moms work during the day, but how it's all worth it :)

  5. Whew...I am exhausted just reading this! Good job momma! You are doing great! (Although, I am now even more scared to death to take the plunge and have baby #2! ha ha ha!)
    ♥ Kyna

  6. you are so devoted to the cause. i feel exhausted already. reconsidering baby number two.