Today I have an 23 month old and Christmas.

We have had such a crazy time over the last few days. We had Christmas and boxing day at our house.

You played like crazy with your cousins.

And got that fire truck you've been dreaming of.

And although there were many happy moments this Christmas, at the end of the weekend we had to say goodbye to aunty Kerryn or as you would say aunty Koon, we lost her to China and love of her life. And as happy for her as we are, at the same time we are sad. 
I'm sad because I will miss her, but I'm also very sad because I know how much you love her and how much she loved spending time with you. Hopefully one day she'll be home again, until then you are going to remember her through Skype.

At the moment you are really sensitive and have a lot of fears, Santa brought you some pull back trains that pretty much terrify you. You scream and say to me "only a noise"

Vacuuming the floor these days is pretty much impossible, you scream so loud, and the terror in your voice is real. I have to carry you while I do vacuum, which normally would be ok but with another baby due in less than nine weeks it's getting hard.

I was slack and didn't get a Santa photo done this year, but we did walk past many long lines where you saw him and waved hiya Santa. I think if we had braved the crowds you might have just sat on his knee.

When it comes to other children, although you love playing and having them over you don't like being touched and as they approach you, you practically throw your toy at them in hope they will take it and leave. I've never heard you use the word mine. I'm not really sure if this is because you don't have siblings or you have never been in child care. Either way I'm sure that you'll learn the word soon.

You still love being outside, diggers, hotrods, cars, dad, dummies, parks, bikes, the beach, grandparents and people in general you're so friendly.

You hate noise, seeing rubbish, when the floor at home is dirty and don't hold back in telling me I need to vacuum, sitting for to long, coming inside and grocery shopping.

You have caught on to stalling at bed time and do so by offering kisses to everyone possible for as long as you can, and to be honest most times it works.

Happy 23 months handsome xoxo

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