The latest.

I'm so lame at blogging lately, I wish I had the motivation to update more and post more about Harper.

 I'd try to tell you the reason for it is that I'm so busy, but aren't we all? I'm not talking about anything important just day to day stuff like keeping the house clean and getting tea cooked. Matt has been working so much, so he doesn't have a lot of time to help out.

 I finish work this coming week. Have my 29th Birthday, A dinner with the girls, Tea with Matt, a work Xmas party, Matt's work Xmas party and we are having Christmas and boxing day at our house.
I haven't had this many play-dates in forever. 

If you want to know how the pregnancy is going you can watch my latest video below.

As for my beautiful boy, he's as amazing as ever, growing up by the hour and blowing me away daily. I don't have any photos to show, the only camera around here getting a workout is the photo Booth on my mac. I promise I'll try to pull out my dusty slr and get some real photos for you soon.



  1. Your looking great hun and I love that dress xx

  2. No worries, we all get busy with the day to day stuff!! Your blog will be here waiting for you when you're ready :-) And you are the cutest pregnant lady ever, love your accent!

  3. Looove that dress and your lil belly, what a hot baby momma!!

  4. you looks AMAZING in that dress. seriously - amazing. happy belated birthday!