2011 recap. Happy new year!


We celebrated your first birthday. It was so hot that day, but nothing could take away from that party, you spent most of the day playing with the hose or in the baby pool.


We went to Hamilton Island for your first ever holiday, we stayed in the best house and swam everyday, we drove all around the island with you on a golf buggy. It was the best holiday ever.


You started walking, watching you wobble was so cute!


We celebrated Easter.
Your had your first trip in an ambulance (which you loved) to the ER after being exposed to traces of nuts.


As you approached 16 months you lost some of your innocents and started to act more like a toddler.


Uncle Troy came from Perth to visit. We found out we were expecting our seconded baby.


We had a review at the  Royal children's hospital where you had your allergy testing for the fourth time. It brought good and bad news. All but one of your allergies had got worse.


You were admitted to hospital for the day to confirm if you had out grown the potato allergy. A very stressful day turned out to be a great day. You can now eat potato, you spent the whole trip home telling  me you were the chip king.


We celebrated daddy's 29th birthday, Father's day and Aunty Kirsty's wedding.


This month it was Aunty Kerryn's turn to get married. We found out we are having a girl, and at 21 months you spent your first night in you own room.


We went to your cousins 2nd birthday party which was fully catered around your food needs. It was the first party you have been to where you were aloud out of the pram and able to eat what everyone else did and you had the best time ever.


I'm starting to get slack as my belly grows bigger I get tired a lot. We spend this month getting ready for
Christmas, it was at our house this year, we got you a red fire truck that you played on all day.