The boy is 21 months!

Here we go again...

21 fun things about my 21 month old.

He talks all the time, uses sentence, repeats everything you say and tells me what he wants.

Loves being outside and going for walks at the beach.

Points out a ship from a boat and a plane from a helicopter.

Is the proud owner of his first pets, 7 fish.

Says goodnight to everything!! Loves to kiss the dog goodnight, yes I let him.

Part of our night routine involves me singing, twinkle twinkle little star as I'm putting him in the cot, he has started singing it word for word with me. I'm working on getting this on camera.

Says be careful Harper, when he climbs on things. He also said, be careful to mummy after I braked a little hard in the car the other day.

Loves to look at his baby sister, (my belly)

Uses the potty to do a wee at night, if I ask him to.

Loves swimming lessons, loves baths and water in general.

Is obsessed with diggers. Remember this? Yep, still totally obsessed with daddy's Cadillac.

Loves his grandmas.

When he is scared of something, he repeats hold hand, hold hand until I do.

Is very scared of life size cartoons that carry balloons.

Loves tuna and cos cos.

Can jump like mad.

Is crazy about vacuuming and sweeping the floor. Crazy!

Is becoming more obsessed with his dummy and baby and asks for them all the time.

Copies his dad and does sit ups, so funny.

Gets upset if Matt and I kiss or cuddle and shakes his head saying no.no.no. like crazy.

Loves loves loves daddy.

Happy 21 months bear. Love you.


  1. He sounds like such a bundle of joy hehe Happy 21 months Harper x

  2. Happy Monthday babyboy!! I loooove that first photo, so precious!