First night in his own room

I totally suck at letting go...

Pregnant with Harper, I thought I had it all figured out, that when I brought him home he would sleep in his own room.

How wrong I was.

Thoughts really change after you have your own baby, about everything.

I've never spent a night away from Harper and his cot has been in our room everyday of his life, he's never slept further than a meter away from me in our 606 days together, and that's not including the nine months he spent sleeping inside me.

So you might say for me tonight is kinda a big deal.

I've been putting it off for weeks, making up different excuses as to why the time wasn't right for him to be moved, truth is the time wasn't right for me. I'm still not ready. But we're having another baby, and I don't want to be moving him just before she's born.

Getting ready for our next baby makes me see how grown up Harper is, we are having conversations, he asks for what he wants and the other day he told me he loved me.


  1. awww hun I hope his first night went alright. it is hard but philip loves his room we like it too as we dont have to worry about waking him up. He'll find it strange at first but he'll love it just keep the strength up to keep him in his own room i didnt like being seperated from Philip when we moved into our place from our parents and actually had him in our room with us the 2nd night. It gets eaiser and hopefully you can get a good nights sleep. xxx

  2. it's always hard to let go and let them grow up...hope his first night was good. love the picture of the two of u
    And congrats about having another baby!!

  3. Ugh that is soooo hard! My second son is 7 months in a few days and he is still in the co-sleeper next to us and most nights is snuggled right next to me. I'm not ready to let go. The second time around it seems harder than the first. Coming over from Knit Purl Baby and a new blog follower. Congrats on baby #2! :)