23 weeks pregnancy update.

I've got a lot bigger over the last few weeks.

I'm already getting uncomfortable, I sleep with a pillow between my legs, it helps, but I'm always waking up on my back.
I've also been trying to eat better, I've already put on 9 kilos, which is kind of normal for me (I put on 20 kilos with Harper) luckily I found it pretty easy to lose, still its scary watching the scales go up so quickly.

We have chosen a name ( I won't be sharing until she's born).

We are doing our prenatal classes online, which is so much easier than going to the class. We don't have family where we live and because of Harper's allergies child care doesn't work for us.
Its pretty scary going through all the labor info again. We are going on a hospital tour sometime in the next month. Everything seems to be happening so quickly.

I can't stand anything touching my belly at the moment and find I'm wearing pj's whenever I'm at home. The weather is begging to warm up and I'll be able to wear dresses all the time soon.

We have our 24 week scan on Monday where they will be checking for heart problems as well as looking at my placenta. I'm really eager to see if the placenta has began to move, I can't stand not being able to be more than an hour away from the hospital and really want to get away for a few days before she is born.

She moves so much, it is so nice to feel her all the time.

Still cant believe I'll have two babies soon ish.