Quick update via my iPhone

I'm slowly dieing without our computer, we are getting it back sometime next week. I thought I better upload a photo from my iPhone so you know we are still here. On the plus side our house is looking allot cleaner now that my spare time doesn't revolve around blogging.

Harper has been taking a few steps here and there, Very exciting! He climbs on things like he's a monkey, I baby proofed along time ago but seriously I can't take my eyes of him for a second. Sometimes I look at H and can't believe my eyes he's getting so big, it's quite confronting to realize he's no longer the baby I see in my mind.


  1. I was wondering what happened to you, glad to see a post! xoxo

  2. glad to see you're still there :) my computer was recently in the shop, too... it's crazy how much you miss it when it's gone!

  3. How cool you're updating from your phone! :) And yay for Harper taking steps! What an exciting time!

  4. hear hear.. i still view my son as 6 months old... i find myself looking at baby clothes.. 3-6 month sizes. he's in 9-12 months. it's shocking to see things that say "18-24 months".. and that 2T means the same as 24 months... it's all going too fast!

    man, i want an iphone!

    look at those eyes! i saw on your profile that he always gets mistaken for a girl.. mine too! all the time! its his eyes.. and was his hair, until i cut it. but even still, he gets called a girl. we've got some beautiful boys!