Today I have a 13 month old

Posted one day late.

This month has been a massive month with many firsts,

First plane, first holiday, first time at a play center, first time riding in a golf buggy, first day of mummy returning to work (6 hours a week), first sentence (go for drive in the car), first two steps (taken today), first time swimming in the ocean.

As the days pass by I feel more and more like I'm raising a little boy rather than a baby, a boy who knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it, a boy who won't stay still for a second, a boy who love exploring, climbing and confined spaces.

I'm constantly having to remove you out of the small places you love, under the coffee table, on the windowsill, on behind the couch.

You still love music, dancing and crawling around the kitchen chairs.

You love it when we sing rhymes with actions and each time the song ends you look up at us and say "again"

You sleep in your cot in our room and each morning you stand up so you can see me and jump up and down calling to me until I get you out.

A couple of weeks ago you stopped taking your afternoon nap, which means you end up going to bed around 6pm most nights.

Every time I take you for a walk or to the shops your finger darts around the room as you ask "what's that" and wait for an answer.

You're doing so well with your words and can say many.

Last week we went to the children's hospital for you allergy check up, the results were not good, my heart sank as she conformed that all your allergies had got worse

I go about our days armed with a EpiPen but in constant fear, small things like going to a play center are hard for us.

With sever allergies to milk, nuts, egg, potato, rolled oats, it makes life hard.

At first I was upset, only 10% of children grow out of a nut allergy and I couldn't help but feel sad, I thought how unfair it was for you, how much it would impact our lives but then I thought of something else, it could be far worse, we are so luckily you are a normal, beautiful, mostly healthy little boy. I felt silly I had got upset with other people having so much worse problems to deal with.

I'm so proud of you Harper, I love you.

Happy 13 months XOX

The photos were taken at Whitehaven beach, it's one of the top ten Beach's in the world, if you're wondering why we are wearing those silly suits it's because it was stinger season.


  1. I had NO idea he had such allergies. Lots of firsts...but great ones they are : ) The suits are kinda cool I think...hopefully they protected everyone well.

  2. 13 months! It seems like only yesterday when I started reading your blog and he was a cute little infant! How time flies. I hope he ends up with the 10% bunch that will eventually outgrow the nut allergy! :)

  3. Darn allergies... I gave Baron a strawberry a day before his monthly check-up. His pediatrician freaked out when he heard about it. I keep forgetting about the possible allergies... it's good you detected what Harper is allergic to, so you can keep an eye on those foods. Happy 13 months!

  4. I'm Renee and a new follower of your blog! Just thought I'd say hello!

    anyhoot, i love what you've got going here, very cute!

    Feel free to take a look at mine [you know, just so you know who's reading yours :)]


    Renee xo

  5. Such fun photos...and such an exciting time for that boy!

    P.S. I read your "about" and just wanted to say that my oldest, Sam, was ALWAYS mistaken for a girl. (Until he was about 3.) He does have sweet features and gorgeous hair. It never bothered me, either. :)