Cute kid contest

Unexpected Surprises And Freckles and Fudge are running a cute kid contest
So I thought I better enter

Harper is the cutest because he is mine, Because I felt him grow inside me for nine months, Because I dreamed about him all my life, Because of the love he makes me feel, Because every mother thinks her child is the cutest, Smartest, Most adorable and it's the way it should be. Every baby should be treated like a king.
There is far to many reasons to list why I find Harper cute, The way he laughs when I bark like a dog, His teeth, His fluffy hair, His girly voice, His lush lashes and those beautiful big blue eyes.
In case you haven't figured it out yet I'm kinda in love with this boy.
Why should Harper win? I can't give you a reason he should win over any other baby, Um Harper should win because it would make his mummy super proud.


  1. What you wrote is so sweet. Voted for your little man! :)

  2. Your boy is precious! Those are great photos by the way.