Harper drives the caddy. Mummy got drunk.

We went back home to the country this weekend, Matt and I had our ten year high school reunion on.
 I pumped, Drank and had my first hangover in about 19 months, Going out really conformed to me that I'm happy with where my life is now. Sometimes when you are always home you can catch grass is greener fever and be envies of friends that are always out, I'm happy I had a night off, I had some fun but I am was even happier to come home to this boy. 

This weekend Harper got behind the wheel of his Daddy's Cadillac, It looked something like this. 


  1. Gorgeous photo's!!! From looking at your blog this little man is going to have so many precious memories to look back on when he's older! What a great Mum you are!!

  2. I had a similar experience recently...confirming that while a night out is fun, I REALLY like just being a mom and keeping my excitement level to my kid's milestones. It's either have a few pints or YAY YOU'RE USING A FORK!!!!

    THe fork is way more exciting :)

  3. love those pics and so glad you had a fun weekend!