9 month old routines? Advice please

So I would love to know what everyone else with around 9 month old babies are doing with the day routine, I am thinking of dropping another feed and would like to know what everyone else is doing? Most days for us go like this

7-am BF
8-am Breakfast
9.45-am Bed Naps for 40 mins
11-am BF
12pm Lunch
1.20 Bed naps for 40 mins sometimes 1 hour to 1 1/2
3-pm BF
5-pm Tea
6.15-pm BF 
7-pm Bed

I no longer feed Harper if he wakes at night. I know around this age you can go to 3 Breast feeds a day, Just are unsure of when I would do them.


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  1. hmmm, henry's schedule is like this (mostly):

    7:00 BF
    9:30 breakfast
    10:30- am nap 40 min to two hours
    11:40 BF
    12:30 lunch
    1:40 BF and nap for 30 min.
    3:00 BF
    5:00 BF
    7:00 Dinner
    8:15 bed

    I will also feed him one other time if he wakes in the middle of the night but he hasn't done that lately. Henry is ten months old, so I'm obviously breastfeeding him waaaay more than I need to. So maybe this doesn't help? Haha!