9 months to grow a baby 9 months to lose the weight

While pregnant I watched the morning show, A lady on there was talking about the rate famous women lose baby weight, How it was unhealthy and gave us false expectations and in an ideal world it takes 9 months to gain the weight and a good goal would be 9 months to lose the weight.
 I remember thinking 9 months that's soooooo long.

 I knew I had good genes on my side, My mum told me she had only put on ten kilos with each of her three children and had worn her pre pregnancy jeans home from the hospital, What I didn't take into account was that she lived in a different time, I lived in a time where if you are to tired too cook you order takeaway and I was tired a lot. I had also quit smoking and used food to fill the space, I ended up gaining about 20 kilos double what my mum did. Luckily I had a very strict obstetrician with very strong opinions on weight gain or it may have been much worse.

 I weighed myself a week after having Harper and had lost 10 kilos the next few kilos were slower but Breast feeding helped. I'm not the type of girl who diets or exercise and With Harper my hands were full, I was tired. I ended up losing the last few kilos because I had to take dairy and egg out of my diet because of Harpers allergy's. Now Harper is 9 months old and I am about a kilo off my pre baby weight I have been this weight for the last couple of months.

Although I'm a similar weight, My body has changed and of course it should have, Look at what this amazing body did for me, It built me a baby.

There are days I get down about my body as we all do, I wish my tummy was more toned like it use to be, I wish many things but there are also as many days I am thankful, I'm so thankful I didn't get stretch-marks on my tummy and that I didn't get loose skin.

A lot changes when we have a baby right from that last push and for many soon before, We can never expect to look the same or be the same person nor should we be expected too. I am stronger that I knew, Have More compassion and with Harper I am selfless,  I've done things that once I would have thought impossible. I might not have my hair and make up done, The house is not always clean and sometimes I wear tracksuit pants because now I have more important things. I have a baby boy to bring up,
My own baby boy.    


  1. I think you look amazing! I hope I look that good so soon after my baby comes. :)

  2. You look amazing! :)

    I am on month 5.5 and I still have around 5 kilos to go. Wish I can look that good when my little one turns 9 months.

  3. You look amazing! :) I still have 10 pounds to lose to be my pre pregnancy weight and then 5 pounds to be where I want. Blahhh but I just love food to much. I'm starting to embrace my curves.

  4. you look great mama! i get 3 more months until it's supposed to be all gone, & i'm only 3 pounds away! woot.

  5. you do look amazing...good job momma!!!

  6. I didn't look like this before so I guess I shouldn't be mad that I don't look like this after.....well done, you look great!