House inspection

I have been so busy getting ready for our house inspection that I haven't blogged in days. I hate the stress a house inspection brings, Are they selling? Are we going to have to look for another house? Will they notice I killed the vegetable garden? I wish we owned our own home. The positive is our house and garden are looking great, For today at least.
I'm also finding it hard to keep Harper clean feeding has become messy, He has taken to turning his head to most food or wanting to feed himself, So I am changing his clothes after each meal. I'm still kinda freaked out over finger food, The choking just scares me. I hope next time around the fear that come with a baby is not strong.
 I can hear Harper talking to our dog Nutella in his new girl voice he found earlier this week, I think he saying something like whens our Mum going to get off the computer and hang out with us


  1. There are some baby snacks by Plum Organics called Super Puffs that easily melts in the mouth. Maybe you can start with those? Just a suggestion. :)

    Awesome photos as usual. :)

  2. ah man, good luck with your home inspection! i hope it goes well. lol at "harper's girl voice."

  3. Oh man, your pictures just keep getting better and better. You always play with such interesting lighting, I just love them! How is sleep training going for you lately? Better for us, those first few days though are horrid!

    Oh, and I LOVE his eight month video. So sweet. You are a great mama.