Today my boy is nine months old

This month you learnt to clap, It's you favorite trick of the moment you alternate between clapping and waving. Sometimes I watch you waking up and before you even open your eyes the hands go up clapping.
You are also crawling it's a commando crawl but it sure gets you around and you're ganging speed each day.
You have two new teeth half way through.
After some work you are now sleeping through most nights and it's such a relief.
You are babbling much more and seem it be getting a sense of what some words mean.
This month you finally gave in to a bottle when I go out but will only take expressed milk, I'm trying to mix it with formula and trick you, Sometimes it works.
You love to watch baby einstein and eat fingers of toast.
Happy nine months Harper, I love you.

Mummy xoxo

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  1. I LOVE this picture! It almost looks like he's taking it himself!