Things I wish I knew before having Harper

How much sleep babies need for the first couple of weeks Harper sleep all the time but after that we had to work harder to get him to sleep. I had a baby that was over tired and cried a lot, The more tired he got the harder it was to get him to sleep. Being a new mum I had no idea why he was crying, He never seemed tired, I had feed him, changed him, etc. After a few bad weeks we went to sleep school, where I learnt tired signs, I also learnt a baby of his age would start to get tired after as little as 45 min to an hour Harper had been staying up for 4 hours! I also learnt a child that is over tired will seem wide awake and hyperactive. My advice to any expecting mother would be to learn tired signs and know how long your baby should be up for according to there age.

Once the baby comes you change your mind about things I had Harper's room all set up, I was going to have him in his room next to us from day one. He is now 7 1/2 months and hasn't spent one night in there, I moved his cot into our room it makes me feel better and I can relax more knowing he is next to us.
 I also was going to go back to work part time when Harper was six months, I am still home full time with him and can't even imagine leaving him to go back to work. I guess what I am saying is don't commit yourself to things until you know how you will feel. I spent the first few months worried because I did not want to go back to work and did not want to let my boss down, After some time I just had to let go and realize Harper is the most important thing to me and do what was best for us.

How scary it is to leave the house with a newborn when your baby cries in public you fell like everyone is looking at you and most of them are! Everyone would come up with their opinion of why he is crying "he's hungry," "maybe he's tired" It's  hard enough to listen to your baby cry and even harder if you feel you are being judged.

How important it is to stick together in the beginning Matt and I fought we fought a lot, Not over anything serious over silly little things. We got through this and it made us stronger. I think you need to take a step back and realize you are both very tired and going through such a life change, You need to let little things go and get sleep when you can.

How much you can love.... It still shocks me at how much I love my son, That sounds wrong, What I mean is everyone tells you how much you will love your baby and how you would do anything for them but until you have a child and feel this love, It is hard to imagine. I have felt happiness and love like I never have before, Both for my son and husband. Having Harper also gave me a new respect for my parents, I thought they loved me this much they did all this for me.


  1. I think I can agree with every sentence you put here. All of the planning and preparation goes out the window when the little one arrives. It is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world.. we are very lucky to be mamas!

  2. I have been reading from the start and had to say that this one almost made me cry.