Food Advice Please

This morning my happy baby was back, I made the most of it and took a few photos.

Can anyone give me advice on what to feed Harper he is 71/2 months and is allergic to milk and eggs.
I make lots of vegetables and just mix them. I have also tried chicken, Most pasta has egg so I am thinking couscous, Has anyone tried that? I want to try finger foods but get scared he will choke, I know I will have to get over this! I can't give him rusks as they have milk, So are unsure of where to start


  1. I'm sorry I don't have any food advice because I know how stressful it is worrying about the babes getting enough of the right things to eat. But I did want to tell you how lovely your boy is (his eyelashes are to die for!) and that I'm glad he is feeling better.

  2. Your son is adorable and you are a great photographer!