The walking dead

So after six months of no sleep  I have decided something has to be done as Harper's sleep patten is just getting worse and worse!
He cat naps all day 40 Min's on 30 Min's at a time which means he is always tired and can't stay up longer than an hour. This I can handle.
At night he wakes every hour or two hours sometimes every 40 Min's. This I cannot handle. I use to be able to give him the pacifier and he would go back to sleep but now he wants to be feed to sleep and screams even more if i give him the pacifier
It's all getting a bit much.
Before a couple of weeks ago I had never had him in bed, Now he is coming into our bed around 12
I am not ready to try CIO or controlled crying as I am not that strong yet.....
So I'm trying Tizzy Hall SAVE OUR SLEEP
She is a bit softer.
If you go in to comfort them you can stay until they are asleep (her theory being going in and out just makes them confused and in a way is teasing the baby)
And she says you can leave them to cry (protesting cry) as long as it takes, As long as it is not an emotional cry in which case you look for a problem e.g. dirty nappy and if you can't find one offer more milk
She is very strict with her routines
Since I use a pacifier I have just start the routine for 4 days to get him use to that then take away the pacifier SCARED!

His day should be like this

7-am wake baby up milk feed
8-am solid food one sweet one savory
9-am Sleep (they should sleep till 11 once they learn to self-settle)
11-am Milk feed
12-pm solid food one sweet one savory
1-pm Sleep (they should sleep until 3 )
3-pm Milk feed
4.30-pm possible nap (40 Min's) but only in car or pram etc not bed
5.20-pm solids sweet savory
6-pm bath or top to toe
6.20-pm milk feed
7-pm bed for night
10.30-pm Dream feed (if your baby wakes at night)
I will update to let you all know how it goes. Lets hope I can do this and it works if you have any tips please let me know thanks

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  1. this sounds like a great plan. i'm doing the ferber method, but i've tweaked it a lot. i let him cry for about only 10-15 minutes at a time and then i go back in the bedroom and stroke his hair until he falls asleep. sometimes he doesn't cry and i can simply just lay him in his bed to sleep. a lot has changed since i've started the whole ferber thing. he's evolving i guess.

    i definitely wouldn't recommend doing anything until you're ready though. i was anti-ferber until now. wyatt is 10 months and i'm just so sick of being up all night with him that i had to do something. i think he's old enough to handle it now too.

    i really hope the best for you! being sleep deprived is pretty much torture.