I want a new Camera

Hi, I am so obsessed with getting good at taking photos. I mean I want to get really good, but I need help.
 I see every ones blog with such beautiful photos of their babies and I want photos like that. 
Can everyone please help me by giving me advice?
 I would like a new camera, Looking to spend around $1000
 Please let me know what camera you think I should get.

Also feeling a bit like a loner with no friends or are they just called followers? :(
 So please guys make my day and follow Harper and I.

I took these today.........


  1. If you are looking to spend that much i'd go with a nice DSLR camera. I am saving for a NikonD90 and they are in that price range.

    Or a NIkonD60. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks Heaps I'll check them out :)