Light at the end of a tunnel. Week 13.

One of the sad things that comes with not blogging often is I've stopped taken photos. I never took photos solely for the blog, but having a blog seems to work well as a reminder. I've felt better in the last week (pregnancy week 13) I'm still not 100% and do feel sick everyday but I'm not throwing up and my energy is slowly coming back, you'll still find me in bed by 9pm but I'm getting basic jobs done around the house. The first trimester really kicked my butt, I feel like I'm coming out of a haze. At some stage I'll try and do YouTube pregnancy videos, and weekly updates here on the blog.
I feel like my tummy grew a lot this week although this photo is taken at the end of the day when bloating takes over any form of baby in there, in the morning I have a smaller bump.