Look who's two!

My sweet girl Charlie,

Happy Birthday.
You've taken me so long to figure out, I find you so interesting, you're no doubt one of a kind. So many personality traits rolled into one.

You're feisty, and hold your ground. You have several tantrums a day where you kick and scream on the ground. But also your shy, and often withdraw in social situations to the point that you stop talking, but you watch everything and are aware of everything that's happening around you.
You take awhile to warm to people, and almost play games with them, cuddling them and then screaming if they come near you.
You can say a lot of words and use short sentences, but can be hard to understand. You can sing full songs, and count well up into the teens.
You don't like to sit still or be restrained. Most of your days are spent playing with Harper nonstop.
You love swimming and have no fear of water, often you try to lye down in the bath, you enjoy being splashed and pour buckets of water over your own head.
You pack up toys all the time, I never have to ask twice, sometimes I don't have to ask at all. You love to nurture and enjoy playing with dolls.
I feel like I've had time to really enjoy you over the last two years, and for once I feel like it hasn't gone too quickly, you are growing up fast but I'm enjoying you growing up, you're able to do more things on you own and this makes you happier within yourself.
I love you more than ever, don't ever change.

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