Charlie at 18 months old


These days you talk like crazy, you're leaning new words each day and managing to group 2, to 3, words together. Dad likes teaching you words like HotRod and Cadillac, and then tormenting me about you turning out to be car obsessed.

When I read to you, you grab hold of my finger and make me point at things in the book. You enjoy reading but don't like to sit still.

You have an incredibly strong personality which mean most times you get your own way.
You're playing with Harper more than ever and even though the two of you fight like crazy, you always want to be with him.

You're a girly, but don't confuse this with fragile.

You like playing with dolls and wearing dresses, you love shoes, handbags, and hats. You're a dancer.

You're so independent, you feed yourself like a champion and help me to undress you, you want to do everything yourself.

When we're out you're reserved, people ask if you're always so quiet-you fool them well. People often tell me how adorable you are, I of course agree.

Feeding and Sleeping:

You BF 3, to 5, times a night-sometimes more, most times you go straight back to sleep. Right now I'm trying to work up the courage to night wean and have you sleep all night (its never happened), wish me luck, I need it.

Happy 18 months Charlie Barley, I love you

Mama xoxo

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