BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair Review

Testing particulars:

Product: BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair

Colour: White

Time frame: 1 Week

Testing Location: Melbourne

Tested by: Harper at 3 Years Old

Product Specifications

Age: The BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair is recommended from the age of three.

Materials: The product is made from recyclable plastic and does not contain any PVC or BPA (bisphenol A). The BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair is made from PP and TPE (non-slip mini pads).

Technical information: Width/length/height: 13.7 x 13.7 x 5.5 in./35 x 35 x 14 cm.
The booster chair raises the child by 3 in./8 cm. 
Weight: 2.6 lb/1.2 kg

Safety: The BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair fits most chairs. Use only on chairs with four legs and backrest. Not for use on bar stools, folding chairs or chairs with a round seat.

RRP: AU$89.95

Our Experience

On opening the box I was impressed by the great design and colour that would fit into any home decor. Even without reading the instructions it takes no longer that a couple of minutes to discover how the Booster Chair works. A push and turn mechanism on the back of the seat tightens the strap underneath the chair, which is far easier than tightening the straps from below the chair. I attached the Booster Chair to our kiddy table first while Harper excitedly ran around, eager to try it out. He happily played with blocks while I took a few photos for the review. 

We moved the booster chair to a dining chair for lunch and Harper happily sat without kneeling while he ate. The first really standout feature of the chair is how easy it is to clean with no cracks to catch food. It wipes down like a dream. I've owned a booster chair in the past but I had two problems with it, one, it was impossible to clean, and two, it was too high, Harper could never fit his legs underneath our kitchen table. Needless to say it only lasted a couple of weeks before it was taken out to the shed to gather dust.

We eat all of our meals at the kitchen table and, without a booster chair, Harper was always kneeling or standing on his chair, it was a constant battle.

The BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair has proved to be safe. The non-slip straps and mini pads underneath the Booster Chair stop it sliding around so it remains firmly positioned at all times. The ribbed seat surface makes the seat less slippery. At first I thought a seatbelt would be a handy addition but realistically I know Harper would complain about being strapped in, having no seatbelt provides him with the independence he craves at this age. 

We don't eat out because of Harper’s allergies but I know, based on the weight and size of the chair, I'll be taking the booster away when we go on holidays. I can see how taking the chair to a restaurant would work for other families plus the carry handle and weight make the chair easy for a child to carry again reinforcing independence. 

I would happily recommend this Booster Chair to anyone with a child too big for a highchair and too small for a chair. 

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Disclosure: BABYBJÖRN provided me with the Booster Chair for this review I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


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