16 months old


I remember the day I met you, you struggled with the contractions, they came strong one on top of another, you were posterior and with each contraction your heartbeat dropped, each time it dropped my heartbeat went up. I remember wishing I hadn't had an epidural, that way I wouldn't be as focused on what was going on around me.

The drip was turned off, and with help you managed to turn, you improved and we were able to go ahead with a natural delivery.

When you came out you were so little, you had the skinniest legs I'd ever seen and really long toes. Your eyes didn't like the light, you kept them shut a long time.
You didn't want to feed right away, instead you nested into my arm and we stayed that way for a long time.

It seems like such a long time ago, longer than 16 months. And yet you've grown so quickly.

This month, I've started letting you climb on the table and the couch. You've fallen off a few times but pretty much have the hang of it, and I'm so glad not to be telling you "no" and pulling you off all day.

You walk really fast now, maybe I could call it a run. It looks like you'll fall over with each step, as you stick out you tummy and wobble along, but you don't.

You can clearly say, Mama, mummy, mum, daddy, dada, duck, hi, stop, and ta. You've used other words but rarely. You mostly get what you want by pointing, shaking your head, and nodding, you sign for breastfeeding and all done.

You are incredibly jealous of Harper, you get angry and pull his hand away if he touches me. You hate, hate, hate, getting dressed and having your nappy changed.

You still wake up several times during the night to BF and I've stopped bothering trying to place you back in the cot, so from your first wake up we co-sleep.

We got your first pair of real shoes, although your still getting use to walking with them on, you love them, you also love wearing dresses.

One of the highlights this month I have to say is when you learnt how to dance the robot.

Charlie I love you!!!! Happy 16 months.

xoxo Mama

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