Talking to Harper

40 months old.

Harper: I'm going to work now mum. Today's the day I'm going to married. 
Mum: Is it?
Harper: Yes, I'm going to marry you, do you think that's a good idea?
Mum: what will daddy say?
Harper: He'll say yes that's a good idea.
Comes over to me, puts his hands on my checks to hold my face just the way Matt does, then kisses me on the lips, I love you so much mum. 

I walk in to the lounge room to find Charlie's face coved in pen.
Mum: who draw on Charlie's face?
Harper: I did mum
Mum: you don't draw on people Harper
Harper: I was just trying to make her look funny mum.

We're having breakfast and Harper starts rubbing his top lip.
Harper: Mum I'm eating my breakfast so I can grow a moustache.
Mum: are you?
Harper: yes, I just want to grow a moustache mum. 

I freakin love him.

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