Charlie's 14 months old

Dear Charlie,

14 months old. 

I would have fallen pregnant with you when Harper was this age. A crazy thought now. Sort of. I'll admit the thought of another baby has begun, not right now, but not too far away. 

Right now I need a few months to be with you, because right now you're my baby. I often find myself thinking what life's like for a middle child, sometimes I think they miss out, which is why I wanted to wait longer this time. 

I still can't get my head around the fact you're not a little baby, sometimes I wonder if I hold you back because I often don't think to let you try something. I've been making more of an effort to let you explore more. You love to crawl around outside, you end up coved in mud, eating sand. You still don't walk, or maybe I should say you won't walk because you can, and often take a few steps but for some reason you don't want to walk. I think when it does happen you'll be perfect, maybe you're waiting until you are, a perfectionist in the making. 

You ride your tiger all over the house, which looks so funny. Especially because you don't walk but you can ride a tiger, you get on and off, turn corners, and sometimes when you feeling super crazy you crash into the beanbag going head first over the handle bars. 

You point at trucks when we're driving and say, tuck tuck. You seem to be working on language now and can say a few words. You love to look at books, you're getting better but you still rip them, and eat them. 

If your inside you'd be happy to be on my hip all day, you follow me everywhere saying up, up, up. My little gripping koala, sometimes I have to peel you off. 

You love playing with Harper.

You have one to two naps a day, and wake up and feed 3 to 4 times a night. I really, really, hope you start sleeping better one day soon. You have grown about 6 teeth in the last 2 months including 4 molars, so I'm blaming them. 

You're adorable, cheeky and shy. But you're also aggressive and bossy. You boss me around all the time. I have no chance.

I love your face. Mama xoxo

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