Back home and back to the real life.

We've just arrived home from a holiday in Hamilton Island, I've missed Charlie's 13 month update because of a dodgy laptop battery, I'm holding out a couple of weeks until we have the spare money to have it fixed.
Currently I'm blogging from my mobile — disappointing because I have so many perfect photos to share, along with many "now and then" shots I recreated from our last holiday in the same house 2 years ago.

I won't lie, holidaying with kids isn't as much of as a holiday as it is an experience, but it is great. I was so excited for Harper to go on a plane I hardly sleep the night before, and memories we made plenty. There were adult fights, day starts of 4am and tired toddler tantrums. But with them came early sunrises, romantic adult dinners, and big toddler eyes filled with excitement that only new experiences can bring.

Side note - I've been out of the loop about google reader and I'm only now hearing it will be unavailable from April. If you would like to continue along with our story you can start following though blog loving, or email, you'll find theses options in my right side column. I know I don't post as often as I use to, I keep trying to get on top of it but it seems life has other plans, and when it comes down to it, I have to put many, other things before blogging. That being said I appreciate each reader and comment we receive. Thank you. 

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