Charlie's 10 month update

Miss Charlie,

I have no doubt you'll be a toddler that tantrums on the floor, kicking and screaming - I can see it now. You are highly emotional, and have been from word go.

You favourite trick is clapping, it makes you happy and proud, you clap a lot. After some coaching from dad this month you started dancing, you hold one arm out and move your body up and down.

You're still crazy for dad, when he gets home you wave and say dad. You're more than happy to leave me for him.

You crawl so fast. Harper crawls next to you and you both race around the house, resulting in screams of laughter from both of you. You chase the dog, which she enjoys, sometimes she plays with you and runs around you like a looney, you of corse love it.

You pull-up on everything and have started falling less. I've seen you take one step while holding onto the couch but usually you stay still, just going up and down.

Your sleep is shocking, you still feed all night — but we cope. We have been starting mornings at 4.30 to 4.45 which has almost killed me, but it will get better soon, right?

Other things you enjoy — pulling hair, pinching arms, faces or anything you can get your hands on, crying and throwing your body onto the floor when your upset or I take a toy away. Being tickled and having your ribs bitten.

Sometimes when you're breastfeeding you hold my finger with your toes, its very sweet and makes me happy

I Love you Birdie

Mum xoxo

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