A 3rd Birthday Party.

Last weekend we celebrated Ceridwens third birthday, a party with no dairy, no eggs, and no nuts. All for Harper, I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful to have such an amazing family who supports us, and understands Harpers allergies.

Each time our family goes to the country to visit Grandma Lorna she has to clean the house to be sure everything is Harper friendly. Not as straight forward as it might seem, think wiping down every surface that could have possibly come into contact with food. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping down cupboards & scrubbing the tables, then cooking safe food the whole time we stay.

To some this might seem over the top, but lets not forget Harper is a toddler he bites the table, he hides underneath, he touches everything and then he sucks his hands (a habit I'm trying to break). All it takes is a trace of an allergen for a possible reaction.

The party was great, made better by bubble guns, and a soy hokey pokey ice cream cake. There was endless playing outside and a T-shirt stained so badly overnight soaking wouldn't help.

Happy Birthday Bid.

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  1. Pictures are gorgeous and your little girl is getting so big. You're so lucky that your family is so considerate of Harper's allergies.