9 months old.

Charlie Barley Marley Bird! Your nine months old.

This month has been action packed with you mastering many skills.

You wave and say hello (if we say it first), you crawl, fast. You sit up without falling (often), you pull up to standing and fall (very often). In the last month you've grown 4 top teeth, of course you were sad, I mean four teeth that's a lot to get at one time.

You have started to copy words, but still don't say mama, mummy, mum, mother, or any word that vaguely resembles me, ha! You do say dad, dada, daddy, dad, DAD, you love your dad and often push off me with your legs to get to him, you also kick you legs and wave your arms with excitement when he gets home. The relationship you have with your brother has changed since your able to get to any of the toys, Harper has become increasingly jealous of you over the last few weeks, and you've copped a few sly (or not so sly) knocks. Of course he still loves you masses, as you do him.

Feeding: breastfeeding has become increasingly harder during the day, on average you BF 4 times during the day, nights are unpredictable and could differ as much as 3 to 6 feeds.

Solids: BLW is going great, you're eating what we eat 90% of the time and the highchair is hosed down daily.

Sleep: You usually have 3 naps a day all about 30 min. In the last month there has been a few morning sleeps that lasted over an hour! This is big progress for us! Another change has been you have started sleeping in the pram if I go for a walk, great news, for you, and my body after having you.
We are still co sleeping at night but are in the process of making small changes to get you into the cot at night, mostly because I'm scared you'll crawl off our very high bed.

Happy nine months Bird, forgive me for posting this late... I did write it last week but we went away for the weekend before I had a chance to take photos. Love you to the moon.

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