8 Month update.

Food: three meals a day, which started about a week ago. You love food, you get so excited when I put you into the highchair and start grabbing food before I even have a chance to put your bib on. You are yet to reject a single food.

Breast-feeding: you're so interested in whats going on around you that day feeding has become hard, most days you have a few drinks here and there but your main milk intake is at night.

Talking: you can say Dada, sometimes you say mummy, or hello.

Activity: your still commando crawling but have picked up the pace and can move around well, you can get up on all fours and have started moving your knees and hands to crawl but haven't taken off yet. Your into everything Harper has and never seem content with baby toys, fights are starting.

Sleep: your down to two catnaps a day and most days your tired. You have started rolling onto your tummy and trying to crawl in the cot during the day, you bash your head on the sides and cry. It's a nightmare, i've tried strapping you down but your to strong and get out of the blanket. You still wake up to feed 3 to 4 times a night. I'm just hanging in there hoping soon you'll sleep better.

The funniest thing you are doing lately is stealing Harper's morning bottle, you watch him the whole time he has it and as soon as he puts it down your off, I video taped it the other day. Sometimes I let you have a sip and you scull it as if you were never breastfeed! So funny... I think it was around this age I was trying to get Harper to take a bottle, so I had the option to leave him for a few hours, ha. The power of an older sibling.
You're getting much slimmer than you were, partly from being sick, but mostly from moving around and not drinking as much. We had you 8 month check last week and your super tall, average weight with a big head.

You are so in love with Harper, he makes you laugh more than anyone, sometimes he just runs past and you laugh. Most days you cry if I walk out of the room especially if it's getting later in the day. You get excited when daddy gets home you love to feel his whiskers and pull on his nose, I like to watch you do this.
Charlie I find you perfectly adorable and you steal my heart each day, I love you bird brain.


  1. Such a cute baby girl! Melts my heart.

  2. She is GORGEOUS!! Her eating habits sound great! Hope her sleeping habits follow soon too hon!
    ♥ Kyna

  3. Both of your babies are very cute : )
    My little girl is 2 days older than your Charlie and she has had real sleep problems recently as well - it's allegedly quite common for babies between 8-10 months to have a 'sleep regression'. We just came out of the sleep problems and things are back to normal (ish), so things should get better for you soon too (fingers crossed!)

    (PS: love the vintage fur cape in your profile pic. want!)

  4. She is adorable! She has the most beautiful eyes. :)