Word-full Wednesday, A love letter.

Dear Harper,

Surprisingly its warm today, we're outside and you are running around a million miles an hour, tormenting Nutella (our dog), and laughing like you know your doing something wrong.

You yell out, "Mummy its rreeallly fun to throw things at Tella"

It's been awhile, I thought now might be a good time to write you a letter. Be prepared its all kinds of mushy.

I love you for all that you are, and all you will be,
I love you when I think you're going to drive me insane.
I love you when you scream at me,
I love you when you hit.
I love you when your shy or scared,
I love you when your happy.
I love the way your hair curls at the ends, I love your big baby blue eyes.
I love your gappy teeth and boyish hands. 
Nothing you could do, or will become, will break the way I love you.

I can read you like a book, a look on you face, the tone in your voice, over the last two and a half years I've learnt more about you than anyone I've ever known.

Know that to me you are perfect, in everything you do. I know over time you'll grow, things will change and our love will evolve. You're not going to want me around the way you do now, that's ok, I'll learn to take a step back and love you in a new way.

I know there will be times we will drive each other insane, you will wish I wasn't you mum, I'll embarrass you. There will be yelling and tears as we learn our new roles. Knowing we will face challenges won't make them easier, but either will me worrying about them.

I hope I raise you well, I want you to be strong enough to always be true to yourself and know that you are always enough. Life is hard, it will knock you over, more than once, always get back up.

More to come 

love mum xoxo


  1. Great smile.It looks like he passed a nice day.

  2. what a sweet post. Such an adorable child too!!

  3. You can feel the joy through the pictures - and your love letter is priceless. :)

    First Day of Fourth Grade

  4. What a darling face! I can feel his laughter and energy through your shots. Nicely done!

  5. SO nice that you will always have these posts to remember when you are driving each other crazy! :)
    Stopping by from BusyBee linkup.
    Happy Wednesday

  6. awe hon, this brought tears to my eyes!!
    ♥ Kyna

  7. Aww, such a sweet post. I get so sad when I think of my little one growing up, it's hard for me to write letters like this.