Happy 6 months.

Dear Charlie,
Six months (gasps) its come so quick, too quick. If I could I'd make a plea to time, I'd ask her to slow down, not stop, just slow down. Its bittersweet, as much as its sad watching you grow so fast, it's so exciting watching you learn and grow into a little girl.
Around five months you got your first two teeth, you roll all over the place (both ways). You don't crawl but manage to move around by wiggling along, you enjoy talking and screaming. You're so sweet and happy and I love being your mama xx

Sleep: at night we are co-sleeping with Charlie, she wakes up and feeds 3 to 4 times a night. During the day I struggle to get Charlie to sleep, if I'm lucky we get a couple of catnaps in the cot in the morning. As the day goes on she gets overtired and sleep gets harder, sometimes there is a sleep in my arms or the carrier in the afternoon. The last couple of days have been pretty bad with Charlie having only one or two 20 min sleeps.

Feeding: we breastfeed on demand, usually every 2 to 4 hours around the clock.

Solids: we are doing baby led weaning, you can read more here


  1. Awe hon, I hope her sleeping gets better really soon for your sake!! But holy cow....she's 6 months already?? I feel like you just had her yesterday!!
    ♥ Kyna

  2. I can belive how beautiful these photos are. SHe is so perfect, her eyes, her hair, her skin...... non sleeping is so bad, but wont last