Guess what I just ordered!

Yes, yes yes. I just ordered the Baby Jogger, City mini double new GT in black, I'm so excited that I've been dreaming about it. That's right people this is what happens after you have children, things like a fancy pram gets you excited.
The only downside to all this is, they won't be released in Australia until late March early April, which means I'll just have to use a sling in the mean time, but with the amount of improvement it has to the classic city mini its worth the wait.


  1. So funny that you just wrote about this. I just got one yesterday! (Single) I absolutely LOVE it! You'll definitely enjoy it :)

  2. we have this one- the double and let me tell you.. it's the bomb! we love it... and it's like pushing air. and good luck with your new little bambino coming up so soon :)