Dairy free, egg free & nut free Yo Yo's (vegan)

We had an allergy review this week. I try not to get my hopes up to avoid the disappointment that normally comes with these appointments, but i'd be lying if I told you there is any real way to avoid the letdown.

Harper's allergies remain the same with egg double what it was last time. We now have to wait a year before more testing.

Things are easy at home, now that Harper is older and eating with us, I have adjusted to cooking without egg, milk, nuts and oats. It's how we live now.

It's leaving the house that's hard, I miss being able to go to friends houses for dinner or popping in to see someone. I hate that I can't let Harper run around a play centre like all the other toddlers, I hate having to always remind people to wash there hands before touching him, I hate the judging looks that come from people who have no idea the severity of a food allergy.
This year there will be no birthdays parties for us, he's to old to be left sitting in a pram or held and to young to understand not to touch any food. I know it will get easier, once he understands what he can and can't eat, but until then its hard, really hard. I feel like he's missing out on so much.

These Yo Yo biscuits are to die for, super easy and no one will know the difference. Harper approves he begged for as many as I would give. Enjoy.

Yo Yo Biscuits.
1 cup of SR flour.
1/2 cup Organ dairy and egg free custard powder.
1/2 cup nuttelex dairy free margarine.
1/3 cup icing sugar.

Mix all together until a ball forms.
Roll into 32 small balls and place onto a greased tray, press lightly with a fork.
Cook at 180ยบ for 10-15 minutes.
Remove from oven, cool then fill with butter icing.

Butter Icing
1/4 cup nuttelex margarine
1 cup icing sugar

Blend until fluffy.


  1. That's alot to deal with. We don't do much dairy (not allergic, just don't think it's very good for us), so I'm always on the lookout for good vegan-ish treats. These look great!

  2. my son is 4 1/2 now and he has a bunch of allergies too. i promise it will get easier to deal with, but as stressful as it is try venturing out there. go out to a restaurant, bring his food, feed him before and just bring snacks/games to keep him occupied, or talk to the staff, i find that most are very accommodating! it's hard at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. it exposes him to that environment easily, cus you still have control, and teaches him how to be careful. my son knows to ask me before he takes food from a friend or family member, i am super confident that he can express his food allergy concerns to another adult, so sending him to school soon is going to be a little bit less stressful. but this has happened through experience.

    as much as i love my friends and trust them with my son, there is NO way i would let them make him dinner. too many chances for an accident. so anytime we go to someone else's house we bring his own food. our friends understand and he thinks he's special cus he gets his own special meal :) information is key! the more you talk about it the more they understand!

    and as hard as it may seem and all the work involved, birthday parties are doable! for my son's 3rd birthday we did a COMPLETELY "ian friendly" party. alllll the food we had was safe and i didnt have to worry about allergies the whole party :) like i said our friends are awesome and understand the allergy issues we have and they are pretty adventurous with their food and try the weird things that i come up with ;)

    im not sure exactly all of your son's food allergies, but check labels even if you are positive he can't have it cus i get surprise even now 3 years after he's been diagnosed! like pillsbury cream cheese flavored frosting has no dairy in it! there's a really good recipe that i've been using for cake (and i even got some friends hooked on it!) it's called wacky cake and it's amazingly easy! it was popular during the depression era because it's dairy and egg free. if your son has wheat/gluten allergies the only substitution would be the appropriate flour. most cocoa powders (i have found) are dairy and nut free :)

  3. You are doing a fantastic job!

    My partner in blogging - 'E' is diabetic, and her hubby can't eat gluten, and dairy or most meats...with my hubby very allergic to prawns well.. when they come to stay I get a taste of what it would be like, although, True it's not allergies, and it's not eggs and nuts as well.

    So again, you are doing soooo well!!!!


  4. Try having a 3 year old allergic to 23 differnet food proteins including meat, egg, dairy, nuts, soy and 15 different fruits and vegetables. Thanks for the recipe, we'll supplement the nuttlex for something else though. good luck.

  5. Oh my goodness this recipe is PHENOMENAL! Thank you so very much! I've recently had to look into Dairy-Free & Soy-Free options whilst breastfeeding my CMPI bub and have been in need of a sugar hit! Thank you!