34 weeks pregnant

Guys seriously, I have about three and a half weeks left.
I'm getting induced at 38 weeks, I'm still shocked at how close it is.

Every time I think of Harper holding our baby bird, I cry.

Matt and I are thinking of going away for a night the weekend before I have her, I still have never spent a night away from Harper. I'm hoping if I do it like this it will take some anxiety out of my hospital stay.

I got my first stretch marks on my low belly about two weeks ago :(
I was really lucky with Harper and didn't get any.
I'm finding it really hard to walk or do anything much at the moment, I have heaps of fluid in my legs and feet, even in the morning! Its hot here and it makes it so much worse.

I've had so many Braxton hicks contraction they are getting stronger every week, the other night I called the hospital because I was also having what felt like strong period pain. It's begging to get hard to tell if its for real. I don't want to be that girl that always thinks she's in labor! But come on its scary right?

My teeth bleed so badly, my gums are so soft it hurts to brush and my toothbrush is pretty much stained red. Gross.

I had a scan today, my placenta has moved. There is a large amount of fluid around her, giving her plenty of room and making me look huge.
Her head is measuring 37 weeks 5 days, I am 34 weeks 2 days, the rest of her is also big and she is already 2.6 kilos. I'm scared.

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