15 week pregnancy update

I can totally feel the baby move now! I have no doubt about it, so amazing makes everything seem real. We have been so busy! I tried to cut back the medication but found myself sick the following day, so I'm going to keep taking it a couple of weeks longer.

None of my clothes fit me, I brought some maternity pants today. Maternity clothes are so over priced! I'm on the look out for some bathers, Harper has swimming lessons every week and I can't see the bathers I'm wearing now lasting much longer. I found these super cute ones online but they always seems to be sold-out in my size.

I have a lot of days where I feel really guilty, I feel like I'm not as excited by this pregnancy, I think because I just don't have time to sit around and think about this baby, with Harper I spent the whole nine months counting down the days until I was going to meet him, I had so much time to think about him, this time around it feels surreal and there a times I forget I am even pregnant.

The weeks are flying so fast. But when I do think about it or feel a little kick I get very excited, I think how lucky we are to be having another baby. I love seeing newborns! I love love love them! and soon I'm going to have one. *smiles* I shouldn't feel guilty because I am very excited to meet this baby, its just a very different experience to being pregnant without a child.


  1. Beautiful! I cant image what its likeee.. but it must be a whole lot of emotions! im so excited for you. little belly baby flutters are the best!

  2. Exciting!! Are you gonna find out if a boy or girl or you gonna keep it a surprise ?? Does Harper understand any of it ?
    x x x

  3. I know what you mean about maternity clothes being expensive. Certainly here in NZ, KMart had a good range of cheap basics that you can get some good basic t-shirts for $10-15. Also too, try checking out http://www.eggmaternity.com.au - I found them reasonable for work and my pants lasted 2 pregnancies. Good luck with the shopping and I hope the sickness passes soon! Kat :-)

  4. Look at that cute bump! Soo exciting you can feel it move. ahhhh I can't believe you are already 15 weeks too.

    I hate the price ofmaternity clothes with a passion. I actually found some cute maternity pants at our local thrift store for super cheap... Maybe try looking there?

  5. bet your looking forward to having another little one. dont go on feelings onwhat your having i thought i was a having a girl till they told us we were having a little boy. My older sister had a terrible time with sickness with her second pregnancy she hardly had any with her son. Maybe you are having a girl as my sister had a girl and judging by reading bout your sickness you're going through the same as she did. Hope everything is ok xxxx

  6. awe congrats on your pregnancy!! found you via mama and dudes :)