Whats in my bag?

1. Change mat hold nappies and wipes in rear.
2. Ten little finger ten little toes, great book for distraction.
3. wallet.
4. this little zip bag is what I keep most of the small items in.
5. dummy, Harper only really uses this to sleep but I keep one in my bag for emergencies.
6. & 7. I always have some kind of safe food I can offer Harper in my bag.
8. Epi-pen, one is in my bag always we have another in our kitchen at home.
9. anti bacteria wipes.
10. cortisone creams for Harpers eczema.
11. baby suncream.
12. germ gel.
13. airaguard.
14. hat.
15. giraffe toy
16. toothbrush Harps likes to chew on it.
17. lip barm.
18. toy hotrod.
19. socks.
20. iphone (forgot to add it to the photo) and keys. Things I took take out when we are home got forgotten.

Looking at whats in my bag there is nothing much for me just the essentials, I'm not the kind of person to take makeup out with me. Some of the things in here I hardly ever use but feel good they are there. I swap the toys I carry all the time.

Whats in your bag? Let me know if you intend of doing a similar post?

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  1. Your purse is absolutely the cutest! I need a new one so bad and this is a great idea for a post.
    I just sent over the Blog On Fire Award to you hun! Check it out here:
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